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Inspection Day Miracle

The spouse’s Chevy S-10 has had the service engine light on for months. One of those silly emissions-related things that cost a fortune to fix and seem designed more to support the repair industry artificially than to be necessary to … Continue reading

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Sama on the Aftermath

I couldn’t agree more with Rob Sama and what we have lost. I keep forgetting the Deep Capture angle, which is fascinating and all too plausible. Rolling back the police state is imperative. A pack, not a herd should be … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged Part 1

I went to see Atlas Shrugged in Bellingham Saturday, that being the handiest option, an easy 38 miles away. In brief, I iked it. I could pick nits, as some have done, but all in all, a good effort and … Continue reading

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Yeah, It’s Called HFC

AKA High Fructose Corn Syrup.

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What a Gas

We are up to $200 a month for bare bones gasoline usage in the main vehicle both of us commute in. There’s no more reduction to be done. I drive the other one little enough that it still may be … Continue reading

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Word of the Day

Capricious. In a sentence: It’s irritating when your boss is capricious.

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More on the Merger Plus Wireless News Generally

Fear the merger? Don’t fear the merger? Mileage varies! Maybe everybody loses and it’s unthinkable, or maybe the industry overall is so vibrant there’s no need to block it (which we all know has no bearing on whether or not … Continue reading

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Reality Bucket

I think I will post about each of the subsidiary blogs associated with this place, at least as they stand for now, as they have been or are intended to be.  Speaking of confessions, I could post everything in one … Continue reading

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