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Norman Borlaug

Norman Borlaug would have been 97 today. I wrote about him at 90 in Billions and Billions Saved, reprinted in its entirety here: Glenn notes the 90th birthday of my hero, one of the greatest men ever, Norman Borlaug. There … Continue reading

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In The Zone

I run a small tech business, where we do pretty much everything. Despite having set out to do software development, we also build and repair computers, provide technical support (primarily to law firms), act as an outsourced IT department, and … Continue reading

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My grandmother would have been 97, had she not done the actuarially correct thing for social security and died just after turning 65, as so many once did when social security and 65 as a retirement age were conceived. That … Continue reading

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The Dustbin of Rational Response

Here is why I don’t expect us to be flying anywhere any time soon. I mean, besides the cost. Which isn’t too much different than that of driving even the farthest we’d want to go, except in terms of time. … Continue reading

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Attention Googlers

You will find lots of interesting stuff on this blog, under the categories to the right or on the main page, and for that matter on the other blogs we have linked. However, you are not likely to find here … Continue reading

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First Post Ever

This is a lame, largely content-free first post for the sake of testing. I am known as verbose by some, but it’s late and I am at a loss for something clever to say. For now this blog has no … Continue reading

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