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Atlas Shrugged Part 1

I went to see Atlas Shrugged in Bellingham Saturday, that being the handiest option, an easy 38 miles away. In brief, I iked it. I could pick nits, as some have done, but all in all, a good effort and … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged

I went to see it Saturday and have a review in progress, but darned if I know when I will finish and post it, with kids and appointments and all that. Stay tuned. Overall: Good and worth seeing!

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Gross Anatomy

I watched the movie Gross Anatomy on DVD last night. Mark the calendar! Me, watching a movie? Yeah, that was why I was up late. I forget, but it appears I’d bought it off the discount rack and never unwrapped … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged

I’m extremely pleased it will be playing in Bellingham, Massachusetts on opening weekend! That’s not super close, but it’s an easy drive, not utterly absurd for an event movie, and not in the city. I didn’t want to be tempted … Continue reading

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