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Messy and Fluffy

Rob May has possibly his best post yet, which rang a huge bell with me, on both business and personal levels. Not surprised, mind you, just that it’s cool to see someone come out and say it, reminding me of … Continue reading

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Drumwaster’s Rants

Another blog I remember fondly is Drumwaster’s Rants, which somewhere along the line – not all that long ago – turned into a domain parking page. I never did learn Drumwaster’s real name, but he was part of the overlapping … Continue reading

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Obviously I like to write, or I wouldn’t be here and as voluminous as I often become. Blogging, though, it’s more like journaling, journalism, letters, idle commentary, that sort of thing. (Well, I suppose there might be bloggers who don’t … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

To Lea Blake, who was the first wife of a friend of mine from way back, and who put up with me for six weeks while I lived with them in Florida. She notably introduced me to refried beans, currently … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

To high school friend Bill Knight. In the seventies I learned my very first bits of BASIC from him, and did my very first playing with a computer on one he had gotten.

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Computer Show Shock

I went to my first computer show in 1992, almost 19 years ago. I used to go regularly, buying parts to build or fix my own machines, or ones for other people. It was the place to go. It was … Continue reading

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Steven Tyler

I heard on the radio this morning, on my way home from work, that Steven Tyler is 63 today. Amazing! And yet, about right, since that means he’d have been about 25 when Aerosmith hit big. I vividly remember Dream … Continue reading

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