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Firefox 4

I upgraded to Firefox 4 yesterday when prompted, with mild trepidation, but excited about what I’d read of its ability to eliminate the need for things like Flash, using functionality native to HTML 5. So far so good. I haven’t … Continue reading

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Dancing Bubble Sort

Via Warren Meyer, who in turn got it from Flowing Data, it’s a bubble sort demonstrated with Hungarian folk dance:

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Computer Show Shock

I went to my first computer show in 1992, almost 19 years ago. I used to go regularly, buying parts to build or fix my own machines, or ones for other people. It was the place to go. It was … Continue reading

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Thou Art Martian?

It’s within the realm of the possible, and someday perhaps we’ll find out. I find that sort of thing intensely exciting.

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First Real Vista Complaint

I have a history of paying retail for versions of Windows that are later considered duds, whether I have issues with them or not. Well, if two in all can be called “a history.” I bought WinMe when it was … Continue reading

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More on the Merger Plus Wireless News Generally

Fear the merger? Don’t fear the merger? Mileage varies! Maybe everybody loses and it’s unthinkable, or maybe the industry overall is so vibrant there’s no need to block it (which we all know has no bearing on whether or not … Continue reading

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You Are a Geek You definitely have some nerdy ways, but you’ve evolved into something way cooler – a geek.  You are free spirited and quirky. You’re proud of who you are, and you’ve got style.   You may not … Continue reading

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Yeah, I Think of Them as Safe Too…

As noted by voluntaryXchange, the preferred malware vector is now PDF files. Which is logical, given their ubiquity and the apparent vulnerability they make available. I haven’t kept up on these things as much as I might have, since I … Continue reading

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Fear the Media Meltdown

Not the nuclear one! Great and detailed sense and information on what is actually happening, what dosages mean, and the media and anti-nuke industry reaction have been. It’s not nothing, but it’s not Chernobyl and can’t be, nor is it … Continue reading

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Geek Practitioners

This is another in the series of posts explained/introduced here, on subsidiary blogs.  This is one of my more troubled ones. Geek Practitioners spent a long time as the name for a business I was starting as a sole proprietorship … Continue reading

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