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Parting is Such Savory Sorrow

As I posted previously, I had so much planned for the spouse’s week away visiting family. Muck out and rearrange my room. Deep clean the whole place. Go through 20-something computers, computer carcasses, etc. Maybe, just maybe, work on web … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged Part 1

I went to see Atlas Shrugged in Bellingham Saturday, that being the handiest option, an easy 38 miles away. In brief, I iked it. I could pick nits, as some have done, but all in all, a good effort and … Continue reading

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Obviously I like to write, or I wouldn’t be here and as voluminous as I often become. Blogging, though, it’s more like journaling, journalism, letters, idle commentary, that sort of thing. (Well, I suppose there might be bloggers who don’t … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged

I’m extremely pleased it will be playing in Bellingham, Massachusetts on opening weekend! That’s not super close, but it’s an easy drive, not utterly absurd for an event movie, and not in the city. I didn’t want to be tempted … Continue reading

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Been thinking about writing a book about my personal experiences with a business, which would mainly be lessons in what not to do, and would include some tech and personal angles. It’s been on my mind a long time, but … Continue reading

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Thou Art Martian?

It’s within the realm of the possible, and someday perhaps we’ll find out. I find that sort of thing intensely exciting.

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Book Writing Question

I’ve had a book idea in mind for a few years, but in part due to the Kindle and 99 cent success stories am newly excited about getting around to it. Thing is, while a business book, it’s true and … Continue reading

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This is Going to Be Interesting

As promised, I just started the presumably slow process of reposting content from earlier blogs, starting with my first and third posts from my first blog. The second of those touched on one of my pet topics, the need to … Continue reading

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In The Zone

I run a small tech business, where we do pretty much everything. Despite having set out to do software development, we also build and repair computers, provide technical support (primarily to law firms), act as an outsourced IT department, and … Continue reading

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