This is one home of the blogger known as Jay Solo, sometimes known for Verbosity, sometime blog-famous for marrying opposite coast blogger The Accidental Jedi and for co-founding and running Carnival of the Capitalists.

The objective is short posts, quick remarks and links. Most of the content so far has derived from Twitter, where I am @jaysolo. This results in strange looking posts with titles that are derived from the same text as the post, and which sometimes have a baffling lack of context. This is as much my way of archiving what I tweet as for any reader benefit. I’ve turned off comments by default, because the lack of context and the goal of the posts make comments an odd notion.

I plan to try to post more other stuff here, if the Twitter stream doesn’t drown it out. That’s likely to be links with little commentary, as much as anything.

Currently I am looking for work, with an emphasis on what I can do remotely, locally, and in conjunction with domesticity. More on that when I finish updating this page…

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