This Thing IS On, If Only I’d Remember It

I am not one for resolutions on account of a mere calendar change, but that demarcation has had me fretting about my neglect of blogging. Nor am I that free to start up again in a big way, with other things needing heavy attention in the next couple weeks. But really, I wish I had an easy way to bottle the ideas as I have them, so when I do get to it, I could actually recall what I meant to write and how it felt to me at the time. I can’t even remember all the things I’ve had the urge to post.

One of them involved the realization that maintaining my premarital friendships more fully, as opposed to hardly at all, might have done me and my marriage a lot of good. Which made me wonder whether those friendships would have fit the bill.

The other that remains in my mind, queued but not as resonant as it was – though even originally it was going to need a lot of freeform thought, evolve as I wrote it, and be as much questions as ideas – is a post on what collapse looks like in practice. There’s a certain range of imagery from the post-apocalyptic fiction realm that is more hardcore, or farther along the curve, than what we would actually see, at least at first, depending on the causes and circumstances. Or are seeing, as the case may be. It gets into economics, in a way. Instead of elasticity of demand and supply, you’d have elasticity of status quo as a factor.

One of these days I’ll have to write some of this stuff. Or at least post some of the quick items that might otherwise go on social media and not stay “owned” by me.

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