Parting is Such Savory Sorrow

As I posted previously, I had so much planned for the spouse’s week away visiting family. Muck out and rearrange my room. Deep clean the whole place. Go through 20-something computers, computer carcasses, etc. Maybe, just maybe, work on web site stuff and job hunting stuff, some of which interconnects.

I got part of the way through the first one. Ugh.

Almost every scrap of trash that went out last week was from my apartment. There are 5 barrels for the 3 apartments, and all were full plus, and three bags were on the ground beside them. I threw away things I can’t believe I had, and things I can’t believe I threw away. I probably still kept too much. Sometimes I try to picture what I’d be able to or required to live without if I moved out and lived in a single room, or a tent, or my car, but I have yet to allow that brutal of a purge. However, it is safe to say I should not have technical or business documentation from a 1993 job with a company that is long out of business. Just for one example.

Friday I dropped 13 small bags of clothes into a donation box. A few were from stuff the kids had, previously ready to go, but probably 10 were mine. I had a pair of size 42 jeans! I was aghast, holding them up, as they looked like something a truly obese person would wear. I briefly fit them. Now I am a 36. Sort of. A pair of Dockers I gave away didn’t fit at all, size 36. Similar pants in a 38 did fit, just, and a pair of size 40 I decided to try instead of summarily donating fit barely on the large side of nicely. A belt will keep them up and they won’t look oversized. Weird, how clothing sizes work, between types and makers. The donations were just the good stuff, and there may be more that was not looked at yet, though I hit most of it. The bad stuff essentially filled two trash bags. I threw away old favorite T-shirts that had holes. A lot of them. It was sad. But I did it!

The arrangement of my room seems good. In effect the back is bedroom and the front is office, with a bookcase partition. The front is divided into a desk for active computer use and a desk that will be for desk work or a table for working on transient computers. My own, for now, and any I might need to work on for others. I’ve tended to avoid that, given lack of space, even if my impression of lack of demand and willingness to pay anything has been mistaken. At the moment, the entire desk is piled to the ceiling with boxes of stuff to go through and store or purge. If needed, the desk could also become an additional place for someone to use a computer, though I’d prefer it not degenerate to that. Better than degenerating into a stack of computers and monitors, as is likely for now.

I still have stacks of computers and monitors in the kitchen and living room. There is not room to get them back into my room! Not really, not entirely. This is a problem. I have an inexpensive way to get rid of monitors that don’t work or are unwanted, which is most of them, but even at $5 each, that could be $50 at a time when I need $1200 extra in the next several weeks and am broke from running a deficit on groceries because the spose keeps saying she can’t afford them. I am at the point where the cash for groceries literally won’t be there for weeks, and I should not feel as apologetic as I do about it. But I digress. At least bad or unwanted old computers can be broken down and the cases and other steel parts might even be sellable as scrap metal.

Books bother me, as I consider them something precious, to keep and make space for indefinitely. Yet there are ones I will never use, and those tend to take up the most space. They also tend to be worth nothing. Turns out that not only can I see about giving them to the library, but also there is a book donation box nearby. That will help, once I can go through and organize them. Oddly enough, I’ve run into having a lack of boxes for that purpose, despite having had a seemingly endless supply. That will help the purge, but ouch.

Then there are things like suitcases. I have a couple of those that are bulky, and somehow were in my room rather than stored in a closet. Might I ever need them? Perhaps. But I have a duffel bag and other such bags that are more compact when not in use. So those may go on the side of the road or to a relative who wants them. Even if we ever went on the road with kids and all, they might need no more than their backpacks they already own for school (or will next year, in the youngest one’s case).

There are music CDs in stacking plastic holders. CDs may not be 100% obsolete in my world, but the holders can be ditched, resulting in a bit of space saved.

It’s hard, though. I get a lot of internal friction from what Harry Browne called “the previous investment trap. I spent good money on that! How can I just toss it!? Yet keeping it becomes a cost, if a psychic rather than monetary one.

At least, that’s what I keep trying to tell myself, and on that note I should get back to work…

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