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No New Coinages Under the Sun?

I hate when I coin a phrase or new word and then find it’s already out there. The latest is “all economics is personal,” for which, using the quotes, there are 3 pages of Google search results.

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Inspection Day Miracle

The spouse’s Chevy S-10 has had the service engine light on for months. One of those silly emissions-related things that cost a fortune to fix and seem designed more to support the repair industry artificially than to be necessary to … Continue reading

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Parting is Such Savory Sorrow

As I posted previously, I had so much planned for the spouse’s week away visiting family. Muck out and rearrange my room. Deep clean the whole place. Go through 20-something computers, computer carcasses, etc. Maybe, just maybe, work on web … Continue reading

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Sans Nuance Yet Accurate”>Your Attitudes Toward Women Are Modern Your attitudes toward women are no different than your attitudes toward men. You’re a big believe of gender equality, and you’ll fight for people to be treated as individuals. You get annoyed when … Continue reading

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I was just thinking that I could post up a storm this week, since I am on vacation. The last post I started writing met the all too common fate of staying a draft, never finished or published, on fire … Continue reading

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