King of the Forest: TSA

One of the next things to come right to mind if I were in charge is what to do about the TSA and airline security. “Nothing” would be a better answer than the security theater and harassment we have now.

So. I would abolish the TSA, or work toward making it so – the ever present caveat here – and “replace it” with something more abstract yet natural. First, duh, secure cockpit doors. Second, the mentality of “a pack, not a herd” among passengers and crews. Self-defense is primary. Why disourage it? That’s exactly what we do now.

Finally, who should be primarily responsible for security and liability to the extent screening and filtering is valid and useful? The airlines and airports themselves. It’s an extension of the concept of strict liability, and I hadn’t considered it until I started composing this post, which would otherwise have stopped at the first points. Details? Not offhand. But if Logan and the airlines shared part of the liability for the results of a hijacking, wouldn’t they have incentive to get it right, balanced by their incentive to please the customers and generate business? Which should, of course, be as unfettered and subject to market forces as possible. A thought, in any event, beyond the part most of us know is needed.

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