King of the Forest: Somaliland

This will seem entirely out of left field, and not in keeping with the more pressing economic side of this exercise. However, the first thing that came to mind for a post on what I would do if thrust into charge of the country is recognizing the independent nation status of Somaliland.

Now, what this may mean is directing the state department to pursue whatever it takes to make this possible, yada yada, if I am not in a position to simply make it so. It’s a matter of the bully pulpit, talking it up, setting the tone, taking the lead.

I can’t see why this hasn’t happened already. It’s a natural, historic division of Somalia, and there is no reason we should care what Somalia thinks. That I know of or can imagine. Perhaps there isn’t a major strategic interest, yet I can’t believe there would be no strategic benefit.

More later, on things other than foreign policy.

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