Executive Orders

I have in mind a series of “if I were king of the forest” posts, touting what I would do if I were suddenly in charge. That is, President.

Naturally you have to work somewhat within what exists, and cannot wave a wand and transform us into a libertarian paradise. However, just what can be done, how quickly, how easily, and in what manner? Much of it is always a matter of leadership. Or not even that, but tone, though setting tone is part of being a leader.

Thus I have been wondering just how far I could go with executive orders. It wasn’t clear from my few minutes of research. It also strikes me as potential overreach, and a matter as much of what the other branches would let you get away with as what is theoretically the limit. As I believe we have seen already.

Beyond that, how much can be done by directive to agency heads, and by strategic appointment of the right cabinet members and others to support and push the agenda. Surprisingly much, I would suspect. Congress may control the budget – except the large parts they have placed out of their own control, on autopilot – but that doesn’t mean the funds must be spent.

Thoughts? What are the limits and possibilities?

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