As you can see, I have done a great job blogging regularly, even slacking on birthdays. I’m currently torn over the idea of all things in one place and only in one place, versus the attempt to have all things but copy them to topical blogs, or having topical blogs and not to worry about all thinkgs in one place. For that matter, Deb even brought up the idea of joint blogging again. I feel like that and reconcilliation would sort of go together, but not sure I am eager even to go back to that for other reasons. If I did, I’d be tempted to bring back Accidental Verbosity. I was never keen on retiring it in the first place, no matter how cool Blogblivion was as a domain name, and no matter how awesome my final post at AV was.

I keep saying things on Facebook that I could or should say here. Or elaborate on here. There they own it and it’s private, as some things should certainly be. Here it’s completely public. At least until I or someone else creates the open FB alternative that would socialnetworkize blogs.

How hard is it to fire up Blogdesk and post what funny thing the kids did, or how great the food was at Rob Sama’s annual pig roast Independence Day party, or whatever. Not. Hard.

One thing that makes me feel defeated is that we developed an income stream from blogs, some active at the time, then increasingly inactive, so I got used to blogging for money. But this place and many of mine are new enough not to be marketable yet, and most of our sites, some fabored domains and topics, have been shut out and would need to be replaced entirely, despite having Page Rank. Though in one case a site lost all PR for no apparently reason and has never recovered.

Which makes me think that if money is harder to come by and it doesn’t matter, all the more reason to pick a site and just unleash everything. And let FB be where people who don’t want to see radical (to them) political or social opinion know a more filtered me.

We’ll see. Kids are clamoring…

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