Norman Borlaug

Norman Borlaug would have been 97 today. I wrote about him at 90 in Billions and Billions Saved, reprinted in its entirety here:

Glenn notes the 90th birthday of my hero, one of the greatest men ever, Norman Borlaug. There is a post at Hit and Run he points to, and an old but still relevant article.

I noticed the age of the article because it spoke of the living American Nobel Peace Prize winners, and the undeserving Jimmy Carter wasn’t among them. Ironically, Carter was mentioned later as one of the few major proponents of Borlaug’s efforts to do for Africa what he did for the rest of the underdeveloped world. Apparently too many people consider Africa not worthy of being saved. This is why Carter isn’t always bad or misguided.

The odd thing is, I first learned of Borlaug in Sunday school, waaaay back in the dim recesses of time, before I rebelled against being dragged to church by my mother. I also find the whole thing fascinating from the perspective of having been an aggie in high school. Yet… I don’t recall him having been mentioned at any time during any of my years in school. Just in Sunday school, while his efforts were still in full swing, and on blogs more recently.

Serve billions and people love your burgers. Save a billion give or take, and people forget you ever existed.

Sometimes it seems they don’t make ’em like that anymore.

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