I can’t entirely blame my new manager’s policy, but it didn’t help.

I’m sick as a dog, congested to the point I can barely breathe, coughing now and then, even to the point of choking, and the back injury from work is on top of it, refusing to settle down entirely. I had to make a decision last night to call out of work, which starts at 3:30 AM these days, so we could arrange not to have babysitting.

Company policy is you must call in at least 2 hours before start of shift, or it counts as a no call, no show event. Except that has never actually weighed heavier than simply calling out per the rules… you get exactly the same written warning, so not sure what the point is there.

Anyway, new manager insists you call and speak with her before the shift, meaning she requires you to call within the two hours or so before. If you know the day before you can’t be there, you have to set an alarm, get up and call, then go back to sleep. When I did this when I had the flu, I never did get back to sleep that night, which was just a huge help to my recovery. Well, except it broke within the next day or so anyhow.

So this time I set an alarm, a bit earlier than I’d have to get up, but woke up almost half an hour before it, so I called then. Since employees complained to corporate HR and the guy who handles that sortof thing came to investigate, mediate and sort of coach the new manager, she has at least made clear that it’s OK to get voicemail, which is pretty normal as she can be outside the building or whatever, and leave a message. This is what happened, which still didn’t make me feel less guilty, but hey.

So yay, quick and easy, alarm off, back to bed. That was two and a half hours ago. I still haven’t fallen back to sleep. Close, but started coughing and choking. On this pass I have tried to eat a sandwich to full-belly me into sleepiness, and orange herb tea to try to soothe the savage congestion.

Would I have been better off calling last night to leave a message? Yeah, because then there wouldn’t have been any stress over waking up and calling and having to explain myself and be apologetic directly to the boss, even though I woke for a pit stop anyway, ahead of the alarm, and did it then. Big difference, coming back to my room, laying down and going back to sleep, versus picking up the phone, finding the number on it and calling nervously.

I’m also sufficiently dedicated to mean I’m worried about the work getting done, and how things might go, especially given that, if I heard right, one of the part time managers will be on vacation this week. The one who can run the operation more capably than my full time manager can, and who tends to hold things together and fill in where there are gaps in help versus the effort needed.

Finally, now I have to worry about being up again at the time my daughter has to get ready for school and get on the bus, since babysitting won’t be here to do it, since I’ll be home. It seems absurd that I am probably going to need a nap during the day on a day when I didn’t have to get up and 2:30, after getting to sleep, well, at arount 10 in this case.

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