Carnival of the Capitalists

This could get long.  It’s another in the series of posts explained/introduced here, on subsidiary blogs.

Carnival of the Capitalists was one of the first blog carnivals, following Carnival of the Vanities, but instead of being general, was dedicated to business and economics posts, still a wide range.  It traveled from blog to blog, with a different host creating a post from self-submitted entries each week.  I administered it.  One of the innovations I introduced was a dedicated site where people could see who was hosting when, what slots needed hosts, where the past editions were, and what the rules and guidelines were.  That was a static page.  Then that was  Then that was Bizosphere, which may have been a mistake, since, as mentioned, it became the main point of that blog and helped divert me from/eliminate the need for writing substantive posts of my own.

Then CotC sputtered out and died, with experiments in changing it on the way.  The entire blog carnival concept mostly died as times and technology changed.

I’d actually meant to allow the domain for CotC expire, since I wanted it all about Bizosphere and not a less clever domain name, had not been using it, never planned to use it again, and saw no value in preserving it or for potentially selling it.  Which I’ve never been able to do even when I meant to with a domain of some worth.  It happened to be on autorenew at the right time to renew for two years, to my chagrin, and by the time the two were up, I’d had a change of heart and wanted to reclaim it for another attempt at Carnival of the Capitalists, this time powered by Twitter and a WordPress plugin.  Again, it meant needing to keep up a steady flow of relevant links, now with people not submitting them, and a didn’t keep it going.

So there it is.  Carnival of the Capitalists blog.  With the archived history of CotC, the final ones, and… well, I was of a mind to keep it going as a link blog.  Links and minimal text there, if only one per post.  Longer posts, with or without associated links, at Bizosphere.  If partly for mercenary reasons, because that domain ranked well and is on the ad market, even if none have sold.

Lately I have been seeing plenty of relevant posts and articles.  Has there ever been a more intriguing climate, however depressing, for biz and econ blogging?  Indeed, I have said in the past couple years “we’re all business bloggers now.”

So, if I actually get worked up into posting them, there should be those kinds of links appearing here… and there, if you want to avoid the firehose of content into which they’ll be mixed here.

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