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I think I will post about each of the subsidiary blogs associated with this place, at least as they stand for now, as they have been or are intended to be.  Speaking of confessions, I could post everything in one big blog, which I mostly will, without topical blogs, but there is a mercenary element here.  I may be able to generate extra side revenue that way, and I need all the help I can get.

At any rate, RealityBucket, or Reality Bucket, is a domain I bought after Rob May at one time started CommerceBucket.  I liked the ******Bucket naming convention.  Wasn’t sure what I’d use it for, as often happened with domains Deb and/or I acquired.  I just liked it.  Do that often enough and it becomes an expensive form of hoarding!  At least was an exception, in that I knew what I would do with it, just that it took me a year to implement in kinda sorta the intended manner.  There are also ideas that get abandoned, or had a past purpose and that may or may be repurposed, but hang around in the domain collection anyway.

I thought of making it a personal blog, general.  I thought of making it about reality TV, except that’d have to be purely commercial and involve hiring other writers, or charming them into working for free, since the only reality shows I ever watch are American Idol, Hell’s Kitchen, and at one point the American version of Kitchen Nightmares.  The cooking ones can go at the food blog and AI can be addressed generally or maybe at Divine Hamster, as a music and culture thing.

I decided to make it a snarky political blog.  From my perspective, a big problem is evasion of reality in the political and economic spheres.  Thus the name.

Initially it was a group blog, if not one that offered more than a free pulpit, and as a result, counter to the above thinking, it would offer a range of views.  Thing is, the ex and others never or seldom posted.  I offered several people the chance for anonymous presence.  Now that the ex has turned it over entirely to me and my itch to blog political has increased, I have made it a solitary blog and repurposed it to fit the name and  a libertarian perspective.  Which reminds me of a post I never did write for it.

The thing is, over there, and now here on posts that cross that way, I plan to be and have been being blunt about what I really think.  Some may find this offputting if they are people I know other than through blogging in like-minded circles over the years.  Which reminds me of that same post, since “like-minded” has tended to mean largely conservative circles, and I am not one of those, affinity or not.  You’ve been warned, but if you like that stuff, great.  If you like mainly that stuff, you may like to follow RealityBucket in particular, rather than the firehouse I expect here to be.

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