Missed My Blogiversary

But at least it’s close to February 25, a fitting time to start again, going back to move ahead.

I bought this domain a year ago, when I came up with the domain name, blog/business name, and inkling of an idea, which this only partially fits. I created a blog several months ago, then didn’t so much as finish the basic configuration and put up a test post. Easy to get off the rails. The idea was to post some here, offer some set of blog administration, content management and writing services on the chance there were any takers, and to do some fancy embedding of streams of posts, or selected posts, from other blogs, making it something of a central blog to bind them all.

Flash forward, I keep forgetting to post, I don’t have an absolute catch-all that would be convenient to post to no matter what the topic or type of post, and I still need to work on income streams. I’m also becoming less enamoured of the idea of Facebook (or Twitter) owning and profitting off writing that might otherwise be all mine and blogged. At the same time, people on my Facebook account under my real name largely can’t handle the volume of what I could say there.

So, since I need to move along and can’t get too verbose, I’m making this place my default blog for any topic, any type of post. Considering how many times a day I could write a random comment, post a link, or what have you, that may be a lot. I will crosspost much of it to whatever the relevant blog I’ve been neglecting is, and people who desire only to see a particular type of post can catch me there, filtered. It is possible some will not crosspost, and some on the topical blogs won’t be duplicated from here. It’s possible if I have anything so controversial I don’t want to say it here – not much, since I am tired of trying not to be me – there may be some other place, but we’ll see, and you may never know. The subsidiary blogs may change, also, since my brain keeps being in flux. Part of the problem I’ve had all along.

Finally, I hope to collect past material here from all over my blogs, if most notably the original. I may keep it to the better stuff. I may revisit the topics as I do that, or may quietly repost and backdate without remark or linking from a current post. That should help me stay inspired, as well as building the repository of content even more quickly.


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