Twitter Updates for 2010-10-27

  • Kids are watching Bohemian Rhapsody video while I tweet on the remaining part of the screen. Dual monitors might be good… #
  • @shartlen I like your thinking! We should all provide that great service to kids. #
  • @samablog I read that earlier today. She rocks! As I recall, this and the razors in apples thing were debunked a few years back. #
  • I feel undercelebratory about Halloween, living in an area where it seems to be THE big holiday of the year. #
  • Then again, here in “Mayberry” we also have a popular Christmas parade… #
  • New movie idea: How to Train Your Wife’s Boyfriend. #
  • @samablog Looked it up. Remember seeing trailers for it. Looked awesome. As usual, never saw it! #
  • I fear if this doesn’t go away in next day or 2 it will be an infection. Can’t go to doctor! Has to stop now. #

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