Twitter Updates for 2010-10-18

  • Monday is day off, but I have to get Sadie on the bus, So sad. #
  • Trying to psych myself up to clean. Failing. But has to be done. #
  • Increasingly fascinated by how deep the housing mess goes versus how little I knew of the details when I first wrote of bubble years ago. #
  • Mostly I just went by the obvious discord between inflation, incomes and prices, and the visible feverishness of all involved. #
  • Turned out even the two earner factor was a modest part of it. And hey! We’re becoming a nation of one earner families again… #
  • Yesterday I tried making list of zip codes in my terminal’s delivery area, easier than expected, diverted into village/alt place names… #
  • Which resulted in a massive list of archaic or little used ones. Yet just when I’d think it silly, one we actually see used would show. #
  • @JasonFalls Hey, I’d forgotten Technorati existed! #
  • @phillymac Loosers Lurgy? #
  • So much for cooking. Kids got me to buy bologna when I took them in store, then asked for sandwiches for supper. #
  • #

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