Twitter Updates for 2010-09-08

  • Been thinking about how to get back to where I once belonged. #
  • I was way ahead of the curve on the housing bubble and look what happened! Now others are also noticing the education bubble… #
  • @samablog That’s pretty weird! #
  • Oops! Haven’t opened Outlook in months. I have birthdays and reminders thereof on most days… #
  • Hold it, I opened it a few weeks ago to apply a filter and print Deb blank calendar pages. Well… good thing it’s not been months, really. #
  • Talked about retention at my PT job this AM. They’re stumped. Found myself pondering whether Maslow is applicable to grueling PT jobs. #
  • Or in this economy for some people, for that matter. #
  • Survived Sadie’s orientation day for kindergarten. Sort of. Tomorrow is Day One for real. #
  • Years ago I got my niece a pad you hook to computer to draw on more naturally than using mouse. Sadie is intrigued. No idea what’s current. #

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