Twitter Updates for 2009-07-28

  • @robmay I’ve gotten so used to Facebook I wanted to click “Like” on that tweet (best biz dev…) #
  • @robmay Not sure what it sold. Seemed like you were actually clustering a bunch of smaller sellers of which mine was stationary… #
  • @robmay You decided to open early and I’d been slow prepping so I had no stock. You had taken liberty of ordering cases of printer paper… #
  • @robmay and lining up buyers, so you were walking around outside of bldg, the long way, to take me to the truck to get unloaded. #
  • @robmay At one point we took shortcut through Chinese restaurant where I noticed your name tag when they called you Mr. Whatif. #
  • @robmay You set a stack of materials I’d been carrying on the floor just inside their door before we exited, staff in pursuit to take order. #
  • @robmay I’ve been having intense dreams on the night I actually get sleep of any length. #

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