Twitter Updates for 2009-07-14

  • @jsbelfiore A couple actually sound good, but mostly… ick! #
  • I am on Facebook. If you know me here, don’t mind the current tendency to gripe about pending ex and want a different/larger aspect, feel… #
  • free to friend me there. gets you right to the correct me. #
  • Weird. Kids in bed early when it’d normally be struggle if it were a work night. Go figure. #
  • Floor in kid’s room is inexplicably less comfortable for sleeping than floor in my room. Must be better carpet pad. #
  • @flatironcafe Questions. I raved to my father about you. He asked about seasoning in fish breading & on fries. Sure none on fries, but… #
  • @flatironcafe want to check the fish. Also, are the home fries there seasoned with more than salt/pepper (onion, paprika, etc), or plain? #
  • @flatironcafe Garlic in particular makes him react so badly it might as well be an allergy. Those of us who like spicy mystify him. #
  • Busy today, but Faltiron Cafe was so good it’s hard not to go back again. Thinking Chinese for supper. Was left with $ for that sorta stuff. #
  • Chinatown, across from state police on 28, is one of the best I have had. Almost as good as Great Chow in Wollaston or place I used to… #
  • @phillymac go to on Mass Ave just up from MIT Campus Center. The one off rotary is cheap and just OK. Not sure about the other 2 locally. #
  • @phillymac Oops, 1st half that reply was not @ to you. Should be easy to find anyway. Nephew likes Tiki Kye in Carver FWIW. #
  • We like Chinatown so much that when we ran out of money to get it regularly we felt bad, wanting to make sure they stayed open. #
  • Chinatown is now closed on Mondays as a measure to cope with economy. #
  • @phillymac At this rate you could take years to do that. How about go straight to the top and hit the Fed and/or Treasury? Just sayin… #
  • @La_Shawn Mmm.. Jelly Bellies! That old cold warrior was onto something when he promulgated the consumption of those. #

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