Twitter Updates for 2009-07-03

  • Not bad. About the total hours in a 4 day week I used to get in 5 days. #
  • Of all crazy things, the spare fell off the underside of Deb’s truck this morning on way home. Looks like cable that held it there snapped. #
  • @sharone75 Yes, that’d be great. Was sure we’d hook up with one or more of you, Wally, Wayne’s kids, whoever. I should nap today though! #
  • @sharone75 Is Halifax where they planned? Knew they had some in mind and never heard of their town having them before. I figured both! #
  • @sharone75 Yeah, thought I might try to get there early, like 8:30, because we were so last minute last year and meeting people. #
  • @phillymac Saw it! Just didn’t shout back at the time. Haven’t been tweeting so much lately. #
  • Landlord’s son is coming Sunday to look at fridge. Seal on fridge part is definitely dead. Condensating badly, not that cold, wonder if… #
  • that is the lone problem. Freezer SEEMS to have good seal. Started frosting like crazy until I toggled moisture setting off/on, then… #
  • frost seems to have cleared. Not sure but seems frozen enough except one anecdotal frozen burger with small apparently thawed part. #
  • Feeling marginal about trusting things in freezer except that I put in more recently, so even marginal cold they’d have kept. #
  • Middleboro fireworks may now involve meeting up with grandparents, as well as cousins, nieces, friends. #
  • But some may got to Halifax tomorrow instead. We may go in addition, along with others from my brother’s birthday holiday cookout thing. #

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