Twitter Updates for 2008-10-31

  • Might have been done sooner had I checked both dllcache AND drivers for suspicious filles. Beep.sys! #
  • Explaining to Sadie about the alarm going off at 2 AM and what I go do and all. #
  • Way too early. #
  • Seems I am the freaky new guy who can unload a trailer almost at experienced guy speed. #
  • And whose eczema is not welcome to break open and get blood on all the packages while I don’t notice. #
  • I need to figure out what to do about the finger(s) cracking & bleeding, starting with the one that kicked in at the first hint of fall. #
  • Spent the end of shift with fresh Band-Aid & a latex glove, which shredded but did keep finger covered. Band-Aid was soaked red when done. #
  • The pace they think is great would probably have made my boss at Renovator’s Supply think I was a slacker, interesting retrospective. #
  • I feel ridiculously not like sleeping. Weird. #
  • Speaking of Renovator’s Supply, this has actually been enough stress to make my old arm injury from that job flare up. #
  • @gautamghosh That’s a great idea for a book! #
  • @almightygod On the plus side, one can’t really worship Satan without believing in you. It’s a step up from disconnectedly false idols. #
  • Today is hard. Could’ve slept it through had I allowed myself. Have to do errands, some cleaning, lunch for kids, Halloween stuff… #
  • Figure out supper and try to make it simple and fit it around the festivities, shower and shave of course, try not to freeze, be asleep by 9 #
  • Still tempted to drive kids around to family and incorporate the errands, but… And going to wait for Monday for car inspection. #
  • Argh! $70 flat fee for putting RAM upgrade in a server Monday and I missed snagging the workorder in the 3 minutes it was available. #
  • Relatively close, highest pay I’ve seen for the expected time, low red tape, available on best day of week for it. Argh indeed. #
  • Oh well. Sadie has requested tuna for lunch, & pumpkin bread rather than apple crisp when I was muttering about baking one of those. #
  • Augh! Identical workorder, dif location, missed it in even shorter time than the other. 2 minutes it was open and someone beat me by 17 sec. #
  • @sharone75 OMG you are sooo ancient! A fossil! Darn Einstein, not fixing that whole “time” thing. :> #
  • hating halloween #
  • by 6 need to have kids out door, visible part of kitchen presentable in case any ppl show at door, candy unhid for same… #
  • not yelling at baby for failure to recover from nap & refusal to allow me to DO anything but hold him. No idea what girls’ll wear… #
  • besides their capes, and need 1/2 hr+ to get stuff selected & them dressed. And him, but at least Eeyore costume is warm & inherent. #
  • I need some sleep and I need to be allowed to finish cups of coffee sometimes, since that’s the alternative. #
  • He went away, at least, so off to herding them… #

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