Twitter Updates for 2008-10-30

  • Feel like I got the wrong amount of sleep. Needed to stay awake an hour ago or sleep a few more. Can’t do that though. Out door in 18 mins. #
  • Perhaps the single mug of coffee will help. Along with megadose of ibuprofen. Ouch. #
  • That was fun. I think they detect a llive one here. And I work with sister of a schooll friend I’d not seen in 30 yrs. #
  • I had just thought of her last week, which I’d never have reason to do. #
  • And the guy I started with is from my hometown and I went to school wioth his father. #
  • Hurting. Got about an hour nap. Dehydration is probably single biggest problem. No idea how I will do anything today/tomorrow but collapse. #
  • 7 PM bedtime for kids? It could happen… #
  • Trying to figure out what I can bake with cranberries without eggs or dairy today. #
  • Eventually Val will appreciate her hair is not a napkin. #
  • Sadie has adopted my habit of referring to something for a person as having their name on it. Handed me a pretzel “with your name on it.” #
  • Someday kids will learn to express strong & timely preference for meal when asked. Well, one did: burger. Couldn’t get others to go along. #
  • Last night the 3 kids devoured 3 full size burgers plus half of mine. Val apparently hasn’t lost interest. Then again… #
  • She had a small piece of my chicken salad sandwich with tomato & seems sated. Sadie wanted pretzels. Henry needs more words, fast. #
  • This malware that includes karna.dat & brastk.exe is brutal. #
  • Much like the ashtray/smoke smell in my office. Thanks neighbors! #
  • At least my chicken, barley and lentil soup (if it merits then name when it could be eaten with a fork) came out so good kids want it ASAP. #
  • There’s an increasingly high probability Deb’s machine will be wiped, but need to find the relevant copy of XP. #
  • Was Nightly Business Report on PBS always more like Nightly Commie Report? Never watched much, but don’t recall that. #

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