Twitter Updates for 2008-10-29

  • Sleep would be so cool! Kids seem to object. 1st alarm rings in 2:45 from now. #
  • Apparently I really need to develop the ability to sleep on demand. Without reading. #
  • Can’t read when 2 yo must sleep with me. At least SHE fell asleep. I’ve migrated to her empty, comfy bed now. #
  • 12 minutes. Short commute. #
  • 3 hours allready? Just hallf unlloaded a trailer, most of a trailer, and almost half a trailer. #
  • They suddenly realized it was time to send me home so I wouldn’t burn out my 1st night. #
  • Now can I fall asleep? Or stay there any length? After slinging probably 1000 packages it shouldn’t be problem. #
  • Nope. A shame laying down comfortably isn’t as good as sleep. I wonder if Val’s bed also makes her itchy… #
  • Ho hum. All well and good to come home & be unable to sleep, but it has to happen sometime… #
  • My only chances are now until at most 10:30 and after 9 PM earliest, to get up at 2 AM or so. #
  • Well, that was an hour or so. Bladder, cold and kids ganged up. NOW it seems I could fall right back to sleep, but yeah. #
  • Scheming about what to bake to warm the place up. May try apple crisp recipe. Possibly meal food too, later. #
  • Have so many veggies leftover & no chicken left that I could just add meat & have another comprehensive meal. #
  • Twitter just barfed in the weirdest way I have ever seen. #
  • That was a test. It didn’t repeat. Saving tweet about apple crisp energizing kids made a “who am i” Twitter home page come up in one tab… #
  • and mobile twitter in the other. #
  • while eating my tweet. #
  • @robmay Imagine that! Perhaps Theory of Money and Credit would have been a better choice… #

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