Twitter Updates for 2008-10-28

  • Got maybe 2 hrs crappy sleep. Can’t sleep further. back hurts too much, too hot, alarm goes off in less than an hour. #
  • I sure hope this first night is mostly training that isn’t physical. I know it starts with paperwork and training videos anyway. #
  • Also, people upstairs are bouncing off the walls because it’s their party night off. Mon and Tue are their weekend, sadly same as Deb’s. #
  • Norm won’t drink coffee before this job b/c bathroom breaks are a bear, but think I’ll do that tonight. #
  • Poor kids will have to put up with our watching Chuck & Heroes during day tomorrow. Glad it’s a 100% leftovers day, no cooking. #
  • This will (my first “job” this century. 10 yrs ago I was preparing to leave the last one. #
  • Man that’s a short drive with nobody on the road. 14 mins from stepping out door. 9 miles. #
  • That was interesting. 3:20 AM tomorrow for ID pic. Need shoes. Wonder if my steel toed boots exist/fit still… #
  • Blackberry has to live in car while I work, too, for unexpected valid reason. Off to home & maybe sleep. #
  • Twilight Zone. When I was able to sleep, did so until minutes ago, then found Val was only one here. She was up half the night, then slept. #
  • Val kept me from getting to sleep until after 7 when I could have been asleep by 5. She’d been wide awake since 3. Bad timing. #
  • Deb’s machine got infested and has kept me busy and annoyed. Seems to have hooked into residual N*rt*n AV files & Win update/security center #
  • Had it almost but not quite controlled, decided to do restore, now some of it’s back. It’s one that even uses app init reg entry under… #
  • HKLM software microsoft winnt windows current to autorun, not just normal run keys. #
  • Basically have to drop that, run to store for vitals, try getting kids abed early & go to bed myself, pick up t-shooting in AM. #

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