Twitter Updates for 2008-10-27

  • Kids seem to be melting down #
  • You should always have a flareup of intense back pain in the 3 days leading to start of a physical job hard on the back. #
  • Realized last night that Deb will be at work during Halloween time on Friday, which will make things interesting. #
  • OK, what to do toady? Besides shopping, cooking, dishes, cleaning, and fixing the computer mocking me before Henry breaks it. #
  • Toady? That would be today. Heh. The Toady Show does sound kind of funny… #
  • @margilowry Doh! Supposed to be nice here. Probably just take them out early and then man the fort in case we get any ourselves. #
  • @margilowry Speaking of Halloween, maybe we should try Eeyore suite on Henry today to see if it does fit… #
  • @MikeG1 If they were young women, they’d be muses, one would look just like Olivia Newton-John, but there’d still be skates. #
  • Right, cleaning! And chicken. #
  • Ate myself into stupor, set VCR & was going to get some sleep. If I don’t get to it the moment may pass. #
  • This is one of my best roast chickens yet. Glad I braved the heat to cook it today. #
  • And Congress? Should leave the freakin DST alone. But then, that applies to almost everything. Almost had a VCR tragedy. #

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