Twitter Updates for 2008-10-25

  • Perhaps I should be glad I don’t have to pass a drug test. I’m not sure I can let this go all winter without being an issue. #
  • @shartlen I take it Flat Iron is good, given your frequency there. If I could afford going out, I could walk there, so I was curious. #
  • Been trying to figure exactly how the sleep will work with 3-8 AM job Tue-Sat & kids about 10:30AM-8:30PM Wed-Sun. #
  • Probably I’ll be able to nap slightly during days, if not between 8-10 AM, plus a few hours from 10PM-2AM. It’ll fall into place. #
  • I’ve done the basic shift before, plus classes during day at various times. Yes, I’m stalling. Almost every dish in house is dirty, waiting. #
  • Did that Obama poll, what other Pres he’d be like in practice. Contemplating equal time/snark for McCain, trying to come up with 10 options. #
  • I might consider the workorder that just popped up if it were closer and the red tape didn’t suck all the value out of it. #
  • For the McCain poll I’ll include William Henry Harrison, for obvious reasons. #
  • Doh. Silly poll ate one of my options w/o telling me it was too verbose. Not really a proper McCain poll w/o free speech restriction answer. #
  • Oh well. What other Pres would McCain be like? #
  • Chilly. What can I bake today? Sadly not a meal, as we have plenty of leftovers. That leaves bread or sweets. How dreadful. #
  • What would look for files at Windows update site when WU is utterly and completely disabled on a machine? #
  • Kids are crazy. Still scanning Deb’s PC for malware. Still trying to grasp that I am awake. Still wondering what to sacrifice in the oven. #
  • Need to put away dishes, wash the last ones, clean table, work on computers, feed kids, sweep, clean office, blog maintenance, um… more. #
  • Pie, huh? I have apples. And shortening. Just can’t use butter. Tempted to figure out a shortcut version of “crust” or make not-pie… #
  • Vegans & gluten-free folks have done wonders for making alternate recipes & subs findable, even if I’m all over meat & wheat myself. Yum. #
  • I should buy lard to try cooking with one of these days. Steve Graham would be proud. Walmart carries it. Stop & Shop too. #
  • seems like a useful reference on pie crust variants. Didn’t know you could use liquid oil. #
  • Deb appears to have had a rootkit. Yay. #
  • Shortening for 2 pies of crust is in freezer so it might be viable. Now about those dishes and hungry monsters… #
  • Burrito leftovers for lunch, plus some veggies & meatloaf for Henry. They’re in bath so it’s my chance to empty dishwasher safely! #
  • @FroynLaven Malwarebytes, new scanner I tried and liked. Found stuff Spybot S&D didn’t on my Win2k box, ditto Deb’s today. #
  • Henry is extremely jealous of the girls getting cheese and sour cream when he doesn’t. #
  • Finally rolling on pie prep while baby naps. Shortening chilled frozen by now. #
  • Apparently I need to practice the whole pie crust thing. Yet I was able to turn unworkable crust into streussel-like topping instinctively. #
  • The pie is tasty, even if I can’t produce crust that rolls and can be handled. Very tasty. #

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