Twitter Updates for 2008-10-24

  • Want to move furniture, uncover baseboard, examine/seal for leaks. Cold breeze shouldn’t flow around baseboards. #
  • This is the point when I see how close I can get to December before turning on the heat. #
  • Never got back to sleep after Sadie joined me. Just gave up on the attempt. #
  • Temp fell to at least 28 last night outside. 65 in here now. Borders on too cold. #
  • Norm for us is set heat at 65, plan lower this year. Not that it’s accurate, 65 seems to give us 70 mostly. #
  • Nice to know I can pass a criminal background check enough to get a part time seasonal package handler job. #
  • Start Tuesday at 1 AM for orientation and paperwork. #
  • Amusing they would call me on a day I was out doing other work & wasn’t able to call back. #
  • Right! I need to finish the paperwork/loose ends online to get paid for yesterday. I’m hugely impress with tech service co that hired me. #
  • Amused by the whole “get a talking dog by feeding her alphabet soup” concept. #
  • @Shurakai Naw, that’s not until Sunday around here. #
  • It’s funny when the baby curses in baby talk. #
  • @PhillyMac_Chat Good morning! #
  • Need to locate a pair of 14″ tires that’ll pass inspection. 6 days to end of month & sticker on car looking obviously illegal. #
  • Val seemed to be in improved mood but had several minute crying fit caused by my giving her the drink she wanted & had waited happily for. #
  • Need to look up the possibility of eggless meatloaf. Maybe there’s a substitute binder… #
  • Interesting to see the variants: Rice, or mashed veggie soup, or potato flakes & dressing. Basically starch binders & enough moisture. #
  • @Shurakai I was thinking that just before I got this. Yep, no sour cream. Except what he steals of Sadie’s plate… #
  • Feeling overwhelmed, mentally allocating the upcoming income and running low before getting out of urgent territory. #
  • Helps to remove all the bones so it’s not a surprise sandwich. #
  • Shouldn’t take all day to be able to fax a page to client and comment the workorder to try to get spend limit increase. #
  • At least the fax is presumably sent now. Expecting baby to want to nap any second. #
  • OK, there’s the spend limit request & pricing note added. Now back to our regularly scheduled kids… #
  • Baby nap over and living room tidy, though that required the sacrifice of kid’s bedroom. #
  • Funny conversation, Sadie chastising me for too many toys on their bedroom floor so she was tripping. “Imagine that, tripping on toys!” #
  • @Shurakai That’s more than a little weird. Windows Update wouldn’t install NAV. #
  • That’s… not… a good sound… #
  • My office smells like ashtray. Irritating. #
  • Eggless meatloaf tossed together w/o a recipe tastes awesome, doesn’t pretend to even consider being texture you can slice. Taste wins IMHO. #
  • Wondering if I also smell residual pot smoke seeping from upstairs. #

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