Twitter Updates for 2008-10-22

  • Attempting to line up entertainment for the kids before someone else accepts the pending work order that actually fits me. #
  • Concocted ground turkey in beef & sausage gravy, sweet Italian sausage, potato, peas, corn. Particularly yummy. #
  • Yay! A wee bit of work on Thursday. Now to download & spend more time perusing the red tape than the work will take. #
  • Something in last few days made Allergy Boy show signs of salicylate overload, less of a problem lately. Cumulative effect may have been… #
  • …applesauce + pumpkin bread + peach + orange + increased veggies. Not sure. Allspice, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon all very high. #
  • At least he’s growing out of being *quite* so sensitive to that range of stuff, if not to outright skin or food allergens. Knock on wood. #
  • Attempted to be snarkily funny with poll about what President you’d expect Obama to be most like in practice: #
  • Tested Malwarebytes today. Slow but thorough. Found stuff on my Win2k box that got past Spybot Search & Destroy, the gold standard. #
  • It’s doing full scan on Vista box now. 0 found. Almosy 84,000 items scanned, 30 minutes elapsed and counting. #
  • Strangest dreams ever. #
  • I predicted the housing bubble would collapse, not the whole world financial house of cards. Well, I suspected, but that’s been for 30 yrs. #
  • Now it’s like… stop! Don’t! Floating fiat money that’s mostly electrons and figments isn’t *that* bad… #
  • Someday we’ll live in a place without such a dramatic indoor temperature gradient. #
  • @sekimori Hell yeah! We could do far worse, and usually do. #
  • Must continue the progress I’ve made so far today. And bake. It’s cold, so this is the day for more pumpkin bread. For babysitter too…? #
  • @sharone75 Always tempting. Always. #
  • Time to snack the kids before they go insane. Or more so, anyway. #
  • Hello the steady torrent of dirty dishes. So good to see you… #
  • @Shurakai Swapped? Is she there? #
  • Need to shop is getting dire, at least in terms of easy foods for the kids. Tomorrow, I think, while out with them anyway. #
  • @robmay Extroversion seems relatively high on that. #
  • Wondering if oatmeal is still good, then remembered I used it for meatballs recently so duh. #
  • Funny to have Verizon call with “dudes, you’re late, pay please” and on the other hand call selling FiOS TV same day. #
  • @sharone75 Wow! Was just remembering I needed to ask if you’d get cranberries this year. Mom’d love some if spare. #
  • Seems oatmeal with maple syrup is to the kids what spinach is to Popeye or ring vtamin is to Underdog. #
  • Kids just devoured a cold sausage and part of the meat in gravy from last night. Took it out to have bite myself. #
  • Why merely remove your diaper & poop on floor when you can smear sister’s bed too. And other sister’s bed. #
  • Back to cooking. Sat for an e-mail check & catch of breath after getting chicken into oven. #

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