Twitter Updates for 2008-10-20

  • @jcaruso It’s standard for there to be a lengthy waiting period, and not unheard of for it never to be made available at normal pricing. #
  • @jcaruso The target customer during the “oops” period of weeks or months is the prior owner who didn’t mean to lose it & will pay premium. #
  • My mother doesn’t see the kids enough but when I encourage the idea of my dropping them with her for a few hours may as well be asking a log #
  • Idea was to offload them for a few hours to do some work on the place, incl. sealing windows for winter unencumbered. Nothing… #
  • Not even the recognition that I was asking as much w/o coming right out and saying “can I drop them of at X time on Y day for Z hours?” #
  • Strange. And since the when depends as much on her availability, though we WERE hoping for Mon. or Tue., I didn’t want to present a set time #
  • Kids are up waaaaay too late. Time to go read them to sleep… #
  • Strange dreams. Living in a miniature warehouse with people delivering pallets. Job I was supposed to learn I’d gotten just by showing up. #
  • @royblumenthal Hate it when it seems like a big problem but it’s something fundamental instead. #
  • Also dreamed Blackberry abruptly needed battery replaced & it took 4 AA, 2 D, & 2 9 volt. Physically impossible unless you’re dreaming. #
  • OK, what next? More coffee, put away dishes, work on computer…? #
  • Trying to figure details of stopping to get some boneless chicken at my father’s house that they got us on insanely cheap sale. #
  • Picturing boneless chickens resembling lobsters because they have exoskeletons. My mind… a strange place. #
  • Taking the brats to see their grandfather. #
  • Kids having blast running w/o downstairs neighbors but so not childproof house… #
  • Leaving for home! #
  • Homes & settled in. Took long back way home so baby could nap longer in car. Gotta jump right into cooking supper now. Doh. #
  • Kids didn’t run around outside b/c my father didn’t want them to get into areas he’d applied herbicide, but lots of open floor inside. #
  • They ran around and around central staircase like crazed metaphors, happy not to be told there were people living downstairs for once. #

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