Twitter Updates for 2008-10-19

  • Needed to do some stuff but can’t stay awake, feeling a bit sick. Guess I’ll roll with it and try to race in the morning. #
  • Done paying the kid on lap tax on my morning time, I think. #
  • Funny, once upon a time “first black President” was Powell’s for the accepting. A shame he both got tied to Bush & proved not all that. #
  • Interestingly, much as I loved Condi, some of my concern about Obama is also where she’d be questionable. He just doesn’t have the Bush tie. #
  • I’d still rather have had her than Obama, McCain, or Powell. Or Bush, for that matter. #
  • Dragging kids to Grandma’s today to get THAT out of their system. Gotta start getting ready. #
  • Kids having a blast running around grandma’s yard. Running to stay warm, I think. Brrr… #
  • @Shurakai Not so much, amazingly. #
  • Baby finally managed to push himself over in kitchen chair & is all sad & insulted b/c I caught him & scolded him. #
  • @Shurakai Plus that would be original. #

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