Twitter Updates for 2008-10-16

  • Somehow managed to be completely unaware that the PT job I was interviewing for was so seasonal that it’d start mid to late November. #
  • And this is just their loading the queue with prospects for the busy season, the best of whom may be able to stay on after. #
  • And I’m still trying to figure out what I should have said in answer to how I handled a difficult situation. Stock question, after all. #
  • Now that I have installed Firefox 3 on the Win2k box I have the Twitter lag problem. Which I didn’t initially after upgrade. #
  • Or I didn’t notice. I’ll have to experiment to see if I can solve it here. #
  • 44 Out, was comfy in shirtsleeves, hot when I came inside, opened another window. Guess I’m well acclimated & ready for winter. Maybe. #
  • Guess I should go back to sleep. Still time to get a full night, net, without sleeping late & confusing the kids. #
  • Apparently my body thinks that if it sleeps 2 hours and gets alarmed out of bed to do a brief task, it ought to be up for the day. #
  • @Jim_PRS Happy birthday! #
  • Have to remember either to use Twhirl or use Twitter exclusively on the Vista machine, given the FF3/Twitter prob making it nigh unusable. #
  • Perusing Craigslist jobs. Obviously quite a caveat peruser environment. #
  • @abigvictory What!? You don’t want gift wrap that costs more than the gift? Sheesh. #
  • They’re being unobtrusive, but why are the kids hanging in the office near me when they have perfectly good Betty Boop cartoons on TV and… #
  • about a million toys. Albeit made less interesting by being strewn about, shoved under furniture, etc. #
  • @chriseverson CPU usage spike with each keystroke, on 2 PCs causing delay in what’s typed appearing in textbox. Spikes on all 3, but… #
  • @chriseverson Vista on P4 3.2 2GB RAM no delay visible. XP P4 2.4 512 MB and Win2k P3 1 GHz 512 MB there is delay. #
  • @chriseverson Tried FF safe mode, nothing else running, etc. IE doesn’t spike CPU same way, let alone have delay. Seems to be some kind… #
  • @chriseverson of effect of scripting callbacks for keystroke processing like might be used for dynamic autocomplete/suggest, but no idea. #

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