Twitter Updates for 2008-10-15

  • @robmay It takes more than one night. #
  • That was fast. Got there 4:24 and home 5:10 even with sleepdriving several miles out of way coming home. #
  • I should sleep. That was the show you the operation & try to scare you out of applying part of the process. Now it’s go in day & apply… #
  • Get background checked, then interviewed at 2 AM, then presumably employed. Worst case, I’ll find I’m too old for that kind of thing. #
  • More sleep would have been good. #
  • More sleep would be good, but napped a surprising amount in snippets, most notably AFTER kids started getting up. #
  • Took day cold meds last night and night cold meds this AM, hope for last time either way, so should be interesting. #
  • Baby is trying to sing the alphabet song, but mainly just says D, E and L. #
  • Kids are working on their 3rd and 4th pears with no sign of slowing. #
  • Huh. Interview is at 2 AM tomorrow, already. Boy, no space to be verbose on compter application. #

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