Twitter Updates for 2008-10-14

  • @almightygod Personally I always thought Heinlein’s concept of line marriage made the most sense. #
  • Doing job application/profile stuff. #
  • Long but awesome Sama post on housing, financial crisis, & by extension election, comprehensive #
  • It’s interesting the way the profile questions box and package you. #
  • Off to the races. #
  • Wasn’t counting on having to look at most of what I put in charity box for old kid/baby clothes… #
  • I absolutely, positively have to be at a “do you really want this job after seeing what it’s like” observation/application thing at 4:30 AM. #
  • Part time wee hours physical labor thing, which will help, and who knows, might resume my weight loss. Plateaued at -53 to -58 range. #
  • Pondering supper options that fall in the fast and simple realm but may go beyond mere burgers & dogs. #

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