Twitter Updates for 2008-10-13

  • Turns out I wasn’t monitoring default e-mail on one hosting account & hadn’t set unknown to bounce, so cleared 17000+, 65 MB of crap today. #
  • 65 MB of unknown e-mail, out of 165 MB total space being used on the hosting. #
  • The baby would have been happy to eat nothing but chili for supper. Forget the carrots, green beans, chicken, broccoli, & plain pintos. #
  • And bread. He was happy to eat bread with the chili. #
  • Val, by contrast, had 2-3 servings of carrots and green beans. Someone forgot to tell her how to be a proper 2 year old, apparently. #
  • Think it’s time for me to have drugs & kids to go to bed. #
  • They’ll apparently give a Nobel to anyone. #
  • w.bloggar posting to host newly upgraded to Apache2/PHP5 not only strips < and >, but also ‘ from everything. Makes it 100% useless. #
  • FWIW the stripping prob is not w.bloggar. BlogDesk does it too, so sure it’s Apache2, probably to make XSS impossible. <>”‘& are forbidden. #
  • Anyone know about this enough to tell me what to tell the host to change or what to do to work around it? Offline editing is mandatory. #
  • Trying slight WordPress upgrade, in case that somehow matters to the character stripping problem with offline editors. #
  • @mtpolitics She’s @neatlytangled #

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