Test o w.bloggar with Apache2 Upgrade

It seems that after the host was upgraded to Apache 2 and PHP 5, anything posted with w.bloggar gets not only the angle brackets in a URL stripped, but also any apostrophes. This is a test of what does and doesnt strip out and whether its possible to work around it simply.

Apostrophe in the work shes.
Apostrophe surrounded by double quotes in the work shes.
and are left and right angle brackets in quotes.
and are left and right angle brackets without quotes.
a href=http://solojay.com target=_blankTest/a is a normal a tage URL.
a href=http://solojay.com target=_blankTest/a is an a tag URL with quotes around angle brackets.

Now what are the HTML codes for some of these things?

laquo; Is a left angle bracket using friendly code laquo with and ; before and after.
rsaquo; Is the same thing but right.

#39; Is a single quote.

That should do for now. If this post looks funny, theres good reason.


Trying the pre tag for giggles. Not even sure what it is, but someone suggested it as an farfetched idea.

prea href=http://solojay.com target=_blanktest/a/pre

Other stuff:
a href=http://solojay.com target=_blanktest/a

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