Twitter Updates for 2008-10-12

  • Night time so you can get some sleep version of drugs seems to be kicking in and ruining my plans for world domination. Darn. #
  • @mtpolitics he’s not the one I’ve applied that to lately, but I can see the Wesley Mouch thing. #
  • Now I’m trying to remember WHO it was I compared to Mouch. Kerry, maybe? As the zero at intersection of other forces was main point. Hmmm… #
  • Ordered change of root domain of our largely-for-business hosting account tonight for when they get to it. Hope it’s as smooth as should be. #
  • Pictures worth millions of words at #
  • @FroynLaven Mmmm… coffee. #
  • Pondering whether to take some daytime not-so-sleepy drugs. #
  • Scanned 2 crayon drawings by Sadie, reduced size, copied to her computer so she can modify electronically if desired. Happy kid. #
  • Put Sadie drawings on blog. Now to feed the twerps! Boiled chicken last night to try making chicken salad today. Something different. #
  • Apparently napping blew my whole day and now it’s supper time while I’m still back at perhaps 2 PM. #
  • Thinking they won’t/cat’t eat just leftover chili so I’m plotting what else, maybe carrots, green beans, or both. #

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