Twitter Updates for 2008-10-11

  • Blargh. Drugs sounding really good right now. #
  • We seem to have a dead animal in or around the kitchen. But without the animal. Or the morbidity. Only the odor. Checking it further… #
  • Horrible night of sleep. At least I can breathe this AM and hurt less. Sad when coffee scratches throat. #
  • Woke from dream of finding missing sippy cups under bed.. 4, but only 2 missing, only 1 of them in dream. #
  • Pretty sure that cup was victim of baby’s throw things in trash phase. #
  • @sharone75 Indeed. It’s on the nobody tells you list. Still haven’t gotten over Sadie throwing away toy parts. #
  • Saucing 10 Macs. #
  • Do I enjoy only 2 kids being awake and check email, or do I go see if Val I still breathing? Mmm, time to check. #
  • Wow, stumbled across Heartbeat, It’s a Lovebeat on YouTube. #
  • Guess I should feed the kids, even if the applesauce isn’t cool enough to go with lunch. #
  • We’re plotting to have Deb make Alfredo for supper. If I am away at supper time, kids tell her no, it’s not supper dad didn’t make it. #
  • It’s OK for her to give them a *snack* but I am the supper parent. Boy do they have trauma coming sooner or later. #
  • Henry pointed to video of Charlotte Church so I put it on. Val was fascinated. Sadie was disturbed. Must be over by now… #
  • Think the drugs are kicking in. At least the sleepy part. #

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