Twitter Updates for 2008-10-10

  • @phillymac I have @isfullofcrap as a blogger birthday same day as yours. Not a blogger or tweeple is a computer parts sales guy I know. #
  • Apparently I am getting quite sick. Yay. Makes me wonder how accurate is my sense of ambient temperature. #
  • Kids may not get yelled at so much today, since talking is more like croaking. Ouch. And back to sleep I go… #
  • @phillymac Happy birthday! #
  • @isfullofcrap Happy birthday! #
  • Smells like someone is having their morning weed and we aren’t the only ones with an open window. #
  • Or something is burning… #
  • Weed. #
  • Perhaps I should check on kids, maybe try to do something, anything through the fog. Coffee helped, at least. #
  • Feeling uninspired about feeding kids. Here’s when hot dogs would be handy to have around. Wishing we had citrus, for sick 3 of us. #
  • Wow, Hannaford has some amazing sales this week. $2.29/10 lbs potatoes, 0.29/lb butternut… #
  • Based on baby sleeping late then napping early and long sans food first, I’d say 4 of us are sick. #
  • Baby woke, still not that interested in food. Something tripped my irritable switch. May not help that I’d like to sleep. #
  • @chucksimmins Automatically wondered if the GM figure incorporated pension obligations at all. Presume not, way things get counted. #
  • @chucksimmins That’s what I figured. GE seemed astonishing. Must be the heavy industry/large projects aspect. #
  • Bah! After the PHP/Apache update that broke other things, now < and > get stripped out of anything posted with w.bloggar to blogs there. #

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