Twitter Updates for 2008-10-09

  • Freaky. Reading NYT article on pans, noticed offer of newsletter in right column. Says e-mail address on Vista machine… #
  • That hasn’t been my e-mail address since Earthlink bought me from ill-fated Winstar, which had bought ICI, I believe 2000, maybe 2001. #
  • During that tweet of oddness, Googled Winstar bought ICI to remember when it was & a post by me in 2003 was #6 hit, adding to the oddness. #
  • Coinage from 2003: Designicide – Adopting a clearly bad product design, especially doing so because everyone else is doing it. #
  • @van_whiting All set. It was residual registry entries causing Word to request a scan & hang when starting, with expired OEM trial NAV. #
  • Odd to fall asleep for an hour, wake and find 4 passed, then havr this mich trouble getting back into it. #
  • 61 Degrees out. No wonder I’m too hot… #
  • Crayons can’t possibly be good for Allergy Boy. #
  • Longing for the eventuality of self-entertainment without trauma or needy truncation. #
  • Feeling the need for a list. OTOH if the kids let me do dishes & clean a couple rooms, that covers most of the day. #
  • Far as I can tell it’s tasting crayon that is why I am about to give baby benadryl. Plus weather for the snorfle part of it. #
  • I thought I was irritable yesterday. At least I made it through the day without closing office door with kids on other side. #
  • Amused by “movie extras” in the local job listings. For “nationwide,” of course, cuz that’s totally local. #
  • 3 Kids are on other side of the door, sounding like they can’t get it open, even though 2 of them normally can. Time for lunch I think. #
  • Relaxing a few with 3rd cup of coffee of the day after demolishing leftovers and continuing to refrain from infanticide. #
  • Expect the baby to come get on my lap any second to fall asleep & semi-free me for an hour or two. #
  • Yay! PHP problem fixed! And baby slept long enough for me to clean one room, touch another two, have quick shower, tie up trash, woke happy. #
  • Silly kids. #
  • Waiting for there to be *water* so I can wash & cook. Son of 1st floor, who *doesn’t live here* is here doing laundry *again* the jerk. #

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