Twitter Updates for 2008-10-08

  • Wake up to the PHP Code widget for WordPress not working on one site. Yay. #
  • And the baby totally wants me not to work on that. Extremely pissed that he is not 100%of my life right now. #
  • Apparently my old still main computer needs a power supply. #
  • Since it’s non-obvious what the web host changed, it’s going to cost me maybe an hour now + extra time each time there’s a change. Yay. #
  • Apparently I need to e-mail Hosting Matters from THIS computer about PHP includes being disabled, then change power supplies in the OTHER. #
  • That’s 3-4 abrupt power offs just this morning. While trying to troubleshoot. #
  • HM e-mailed. Now about that power supply. And oh yeah, kids. I gather they want something, by the way they are mothing around me. #
  • @CaseySoftware You are NOT my nemesis. My nemesis is Captain Republicrat. Captain… Republicrat… corporate… tool. #
  • @JusteneAdamec Yep, works great. Also makes it good alongside potatoes with a gravy-laced meal. Kind of pale presentation though. #
  • From a comment I just left, in 2 parts, part 1: “Didn’t see the debate. Hate them both.” #
  • Part 2: “Slightly more terrified of Obama being the one in control of the police state apparatus that’s been building up to “protect” us.” #
  • OK, time to figure out lunch for kids so I can have table to work on computers… #
  • @phillymac b-day as in yours? #
  • Speaking of birthdays, when I have the wonly machine running again I’d better backup Outlook. It’s been a while. #
  • Support is going to make me work for it, even though I told them what needed to be fixed & they in turn confirmed what has to be the issue. #
  • Kids devoured all the sauce I made with 8 apples. Made Henry a grilled tomato sandwich – same as w/cheese but no cheese for him. Enjoyed it. #
  • Girls didn’t eat their grilled cheese & tomato, too much applesauce & chips first. #
  • Must reset all blog passwords to ones I know so I am not tied to them being saved only on one machine. #
  • @sharone75 I posted it both places. #
  • Longest e-mail to HM support ever. PHP 5 is evil. #
  • Baby napping in office while I work in kitchen. He crashed hard. #
  • No sooner did I tweet about baby sleeping than he woke and occupied me until now. #
  • That prob with computer turning self off spontaneously only happens when I am on web. It seems to stay on indefinitely otherwise. Hmmm… #
  • My PHP test page from my dabbling came in handy to show support a clean comparison of how PHP5 broke things, apparently due to settings. #

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