Twitter Updates for 2008-10-06

  • Typing in Twitter in IE also pegs CPU on Deb’s PC. Typing in Twitter also pegs CPU in Firefox on my Vista PC. Fascinated… #
  • Before Henry woke & I fed & bathed kids & such, I’d found Windows Installer is broken on her PC, prob I suspected in first place… #
  • @y2vonne I like it! No teleprompters. Of course, then pundits are all over the slightest errors in grammar or phrasing… #
  • @Shurakai What, there’s a cool train? Or a gaggle of marginally sexy and attractive girls? #
  • @Shurakai Ah, I see your prior tweet. A differently haired dead ex doppelganger. #
  • Need more coffee. Looks like I can work on computer this afternoon so no risk to evening shows. #
  • @Shurakai Long as it’s not like the Saroff Laugh, how bad could it be? #
  • @CaseySoftware I loved the Pyongyang remix at Reason IIRC. Creepy juxtapositions. #
  • Kinda hard to use when it doesn’t exist. #
  • Word failing to start w/o hanging should be a simple problem, not a hair puller. #
  • Norton. Is there anything it can’t break? #
  • Word failing to start was caused by residue of trial version of NAV that came on PC & Office products “requesting scan.” #
  • Deleted all the stuff in registry that appeared to create the association and viola, it was fine. #
  • Came home with bonus of a venison steak, which I’ll toss into chili later this week. #

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