Selling Those High Fees

On an amusingly related not to my consulting fees post the other day, here’s a post on how to sell overpriced services. The dressing part feels tongue in cheek, even though it’s tried and true advice I first saw decades ago, and so not me. The part about being right up front is something I’ve flirted with and lately come around to wanting to do again, though in my situation there may be a balance between every scrap of marginal revenue being vital and it being worthwhile to make the most of what work can be landed at real rates, allowing focus on clients willing to pay realistically.

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  1. I once thought the “dress for success” stuff was bunk — which it is if you’re an engineer or sell to them. But then I went on the speaking circuit — and found out that people “believed” me more when I looked incredibly successful. Also, buying overpriced clothes is an education in pricing theory. Seriously, $100 for a tie? A tie? And yet, if you’re serious about looking rich, you kinda have to bite the bullet.

    Thanks for the link!

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