The Dustbin of Rational Response

Here is why I don’t expect us to be flying anywhere any time soon. I mean, besides the cost. Which isn’t too much different than that of driving even the farthest we’d want to go, except in terms of time.

Our weakness is that the tendency to slide into this sort of nonsense was already there. “The terrorists have already won” reaction really is saying “the terrorists exploited a tendency that was there, ready to come out under the right provocation, or perhaps eventually under no provocation at all.”

I greet tomorrow’s anniversary with my horror at the carnage, destruction, and savage evil of it all having morphed into horror at the lost opportunity of it all. Unless you’re talking opportunity presented to those who would enfeeble us because power feels good and a cowed populace makes things so much easier.

If you see a whirling dust eddy in the right location, it might just be the troubled spinning of graveless heroes and victims.

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