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On Third Thought…

Reaching the decision from a matter of pure practicality, I should just use my original and transition a domain to map it later.  That already has page rank, so could attract ads immediately.  It still has links in the … Continue reading

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Poll of Sorts

I plan a new old blog, to which I will attempt to port my original and which will be more like that than the marital blogs have been.  Not sure to what degree I may continue/resume posting on special topics … Continue reading

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As you know if you actually read this place, which few do, it’s been mainly a repository for digests of my @jaysolo Twitter activity each day.  All well and good, but not the most compelling reading, and not what I … Continue reading

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Nagging Question

What does one charge as an appropriate rate to migrate a blog, from MT to WordPress or otherwise, for a blogger?

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Blogs and Social Networking

A contrarian view, which is worh considering, if not 100% right.

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Speaking of Blogging

And how it is and is not newfangled, one thing is should not be is overly supervised, edited, stilted, and smothered.

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Attention Googlers

You will find lots of interesting stuff on this blog, under the categories to the right or on the main page, and for that matter on the other blogs we have linked. However, you are not likely to find here … Continue reading

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