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The reposts from my “original blog” will probably all be from my second blog, with the oldest of them being reposts from the original to the second.  However, I didn’t port over everything, so there may be content missed.  Probably … Continue reading

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In The Zone

I run a small tech business, where we do pretty much everything. Despite having set out to do software development, we also build and repair computers, provide technical support (primarily to law firms), act as an outsourced IT department, and … Continue reading

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It’s’s Fault

The whole van thing could be blamed on the government. We didn’t need an extra “seat” after all, but an extra seat that would hold a car seat. When I was a kid, three would sit in the back seat … Continue reading

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Tax Stuff

Working on tax stuff this weekend, so I won’t have much time for more work on this or for other projects. Former partner needs K-1 before Wednesday, and I need income number for last year, which looks to be lower … Continue reading

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That was easy, adding Twitter Tools plugin to show tweets as posts. Now I’ll have to add some original posts here too. They are intended to be brief, little more than off the cuff remarks or links that don’t call … Continue reading

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Hello world!

You may know me better for verbosity. This is my place for quick links, terse drive-by posts, and perhaps my Twitter tweets when I figure that out. Enjoy, and please be patient during build out.

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First Post Ever

This is a lame, largely content-free first post for the sake of testing. I am known as verbose by some, but it’s late and I am at a loss for something clever to say. For now this blog has no … Continue reading

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